Three Circle Logistics, LLC

Three Circle Logistics was established in December 2006, based on a vision of connecting with shippers and carriers to promote a mutually beneficial and successful business relationship.

We believe people possess an intrinsic need to establish and maintain trust, friendship and loyalty within their circle of associates. Our team understands the needs of both shippers and carriers, and we recognize the importance of providing excellent customer service at the best possible price while insuring that the carrier is fairly compensated.   We have a sense of urgency and recognize the need for attention to detail along with consistent follow up and communication to avoid errors and delays.  Our customers can rest assured that we will be checking up on their freight during transit and our carriers can feel comfortable that they have partnered with a reputable and ethical brokerage.

Act as liaison between the shipper and the carrier to guarantee timely and safe delivery of freight at a competitive cost.  Provide exemplary customer service and follow up with the shipper to meet 100% of their needs.  Work with the carrier to insure he/she has all the information necessary to meet the customer’s expectations.  Above all, we will always conduct ourselves in an equitable and professional manner and handle our business with integrity and ethics.


Every customer and every shipment is important to us and we are committed to providing the support necessary to insure safe, prompt delivery. We will handle all details from scheduling the pickup to arranging delivery so our customers can focus on production and sales. We value the carriers with whom we contract and recognize their contribution to our success. 

Our primary goal is to help and serve others, and we constantly strive for excellence within our field.